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In Norse Mythology the bridge leading from the realm of the mortals Midgård to the realm of the gods Asgård. The bridge itself is the rainbow and its guardian is the god Heimdall. The bridge is destroyed at the end of the world, Ragnarok


Heimdall, the Bright God, the Watcher, Rig, the White God... he is known by many names and has quite the history in the lore of Asgard.   Most people know Heimdall as the Watcher of Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, watching for the moment of the beginning of Ragnarok, ready to sound the Gjallr horn and raise the alarm and call the Gods, Goddesses, Einherjar and man to do battle against Loki, Hel, Fenrir, Jormundgand, Surtur of Muspellheim, and the hordes of chaos. Heimdall will do battle with the hated Loki, the traitor, to the death.  Yes, this is Heimdall.   A great warrior with eyes that can see hundreds of miles, who can hear the sound of grass growing or the beat of butterfly wings. 

  • We are a player guild in Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot. We play in the realm of Midgard on the Tristan server. As inspiration for our fellowship, we draw on the story of Heimdall from Norse mythology. 

  • We are not a guild of hundreds - an UberGuild - instead we seek to keep our membership small and limited to those who share our ideals and a desire to have a more collegial set of friends on-line ... not necessarily rack up the most realm points or have the badest character in Midgard.

  • We are a group of friends who adventure and roleplay together. We refrain from computer-ese abbreviations and excessive out-of-character conversations.

  • We do not beg, nor do we tolerate begging, cheating or twinking characters.  We encourage you to seek assistance from guildmembers, but do so in a responsible manner.

  • We conduct ourselves in a mature manner. Each member of Bifrost should be above reproach.

  • We realize that DAoC is a game. Our purpose in Midgard is fun. We endeavor to both remember and encourage that purpose.

Members Roll
Look here for a roster of Guild Membership.  If you notice any discrepancies then please let me know :)  Also includes an email link, their level and class information, and areas of experience you can draw from.

History & Lore
The wide world of Midgard...mobs to kill, castles to plunder, realms to destroy....  You can find the latest and greatest screenshots from guildmembers here.  It's usually good for a laugh.


TradeSkills & Resources
New Section!  Listed in this compendium you can find an index of where to find critical resources within the Guild.  Also features links to the best DAoC information in the world of Midgard.


As our guild continues to modify its structure and grow, we will attempt to keep this page up to date with the current thinking.


We celebrate Jul on the 15th of each month at 10pm Central Time - 8pm Pacific. This meeting is held near the horse stables in Jordheim. If you do not know how to reach this location, or need assistance, please speak up in guild chat. Any member will be happy to show you.

Please also note that each circle may have its own meetings. The leader of your circle will make this information available to you.


Revix -  Sentinal or Guild Leader who oversees all Guild activities

Aelf -  Oathgiver <Raven> who is responsible for all Guild rituals and initiations

Charm  -  Loremaster <Raven> who is responsible for maintaining Guild history and information

Rogar  -  Warlord <Wolf> who is responsible for planning & leading realm defense

Khazak  -  Provisioner <Wolf> who is responsible for managing guild resources, treasury and armory


Recent Policy
This is a must read for members!


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